Video Tele-Consultations

* Patients / Care-Givers can have a Video Tele-Consultation & Counselling session with Dr P L Narayana from wherever they are.

* For that, a WhatsApp message should be sent to +91 96111 30934, asking for a prior appointment.

* After fixing up the appointment they should upload the snapshots of the Doctor's last Review Notes / recent lab investigation reports / other relevant medical documents, if any. The Doctor will go through the documents, before the call, to understand the background of the patient and get a proper perspective of the case.

* Because it's a time-intensive one-to-one interactive process, the Fees for the Tele Consultation & Counselling Session (including Writing down Case Summary Report for uploading) will be ₹ 1800 (if First Time) or ₹1200 (if Review).

* They can send the fees for this TeleConsultation & Counselling ₹ 1800 (if First Time) or ₹ 1200 ( if Review) , before the call , by GPay / PhonePe / Paytm-UPI, to the Doctor's Same Mobile No. +91 96111 30934.

*At the appointed time the Patients / Care-Givers should make a Video Call on WhatsApp.

*After the session, the Doctor will write down a formal Case Summary & Prescription, and upload it to them on WhatsApp.

*They can get the medicines from the Clinic Pharmacy on all days 10 am -9 pm by contacting the Pharmacy in charge at +91 99020 00934. If they want, they can collect the Paper Copy of the Case Summary Report & Prescription from the Clinic Pharmacy.

* For the route-map,they can just Google ' Dr PL Narayana '

or , click on the link below :

*If they are elsewhere outside of Bangalore, they can show the uploaded prescription to a nearby chemist and get those medicines. For that purpose, the official Prescription sheet would be showing all the Credentials of the Doctor including his Medical Council Registration Number, with his signature & stamp . Any doubts about the alternative brands or their composition can be clarified by messaging on WhatsApp or asking the chemist to speak to the Doctor.