General Psychiatry :

        The entire gamut of Psychological problems and Psychiatric illnesses afflicting adults including old-age related disorders are handled at this clinic routinely. Eg., Anxiety & Panic Disorders, Depression, OCD, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Schizophrenia & Paranoid Disorders, Stress Reactions, Sleep & Eating Disordres, Personality Disorders, Habit & Impulse Control Disorders, Alcohol & Drug Abuse, and Suicidal attempts & Violence.

Psycho-Somatic Medicine :

        We have good expertise and long experience in handling various Psycho-Somatic illnesses like Gastro-Intestinal disorders (Dyspepsia, HeartBurn, Ulcer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome), Cardio Vascular disorders (Nervous Heart, Type 'A' behavior), Respiratory problems (Asthma, Hyperventilation), Autonomic disorders (Excessive Sweating & FingerTremors), and CNS disorders (Dementia, Complex Partial Seizures).

Sexual Weakness Problems :

        Sexual Dysfunctions like Poor Erections, Premature Ejaculation, Night Emissions & Masturbation Weakness (‘Dhatu’ loss) , Asthenia, Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue, ‘Burn Out’, Lack of Desire, and Lack of Satisfaction….. all these are treated in a holistic manner with modern medicines and Sex Therapy Techniques.

Pain Management :

        Chronic Pains like Migraine, Cluster Headache & Tension Headache, Neck Pain & Low Back Ache, Fibromyalgia & Fasciitis, Chest & Abdominal Pains, Joint Pains, and Cancer Pain …. are all managed with safe & effective Medication + Psychotherapy.

Modern Urban Life’s Stresses & Problems :

Techno-Stress & Metro-Stress, Relationship Conflicts, Marital Disharmony, Work-Life Balance Issues, Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Burn Out, 'Mid-Life Crisis', 'Empty Nest Syndrome', Information Overload Syndrome…..these are the fall out of the Daily Hassles of the Modern Urban Life and managing them effectively is our forte.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry :

 Academic & other School problems, Socialization & Communication deficiencies, Emotional & Behavioral disturbances afflicting the Children and the Teenagers are evaluated and managed. Essentially
the following conditions are handled with expertise (i) in Children:  Learning DisordersADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Subnormal Intelligence, School Refusal, Poor Academic Performance, Bed-Wetting, Tics, Conduct Disorders  and  (ii) in Teenagers:   Mood Swings, Rebellious & Defiant behaviour, Anger Outbursts & Violence, Suicidal attempts, Drug Abuse, Emotional Upheavals of Indiscriminate Relations, Truancy/ Delinquency/ Dyssocial Behaviors etc

De-Addiction on OPD Basis:

To treat the abuse of various substances like Alcohol/ Cigarette-Smoking/ ‘Paan’, ‘Ghutka’ or ‘Khaini’ Chewing/ ‘Ganja’ or ‘Bhang’/ Party drugs like ‘Ecstacy’/ ‘Corex’ or ‘Phensidyl’ Cough Syrup consumption/ Paint Thinner or Typing Fluid Inhalation………. we have evolved OPD-based Detoxification- Deaddiction Programmes, which are effective in many cases without the need for hospitalization. We use modern medicines for relieving discomfort due to sudden withdrawal of the drugs, reduce craving for them and aid
the recovery of the damaged internal organs . Regular Counseling Sessions along with Family Therapy, Marital Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Stress Management Training and Life Style Modification …all these are offered in the Clinic on OPD basis, quietly with the family support, thus reducing the costs and avoiding unnecessary adverse publicity in the neighbourhood/ office.

Career Guidance :

            For students of VIII std & above, 
Guidance in choosing Careers is offered based on their Aptitude/ Abilities/ Skills/ Interests. Life Skills Training (Soft Skills Training) is also offered for Children  & Teenagers

Counselling, Crisis Intervention & Psychotherapy

The following specific Psychological Methods of Treatment are carried out regularly at this centre:

(a)   Counselling for Students’ problems/ Relationship & Marital problems/ Grief & Bereavement/ Traumatic Life Events/ Stress Management/ De-addiction. In Marital Counselling, the couple will be guided not only to resolve their conflicts but also to beautify & enrich their relationship further. In Students’ Counselling, the Teenagers  will be helped gently to overcome their complexes/ social & academic difficulties/ emotional turmoils, and also to come out with better performance in their exams.

(b)   Crisis Intervention  in catastrophic events

(c)   Supportive Psychotherapy/ Inter-Personal therapy/ Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT/ Social Skills Training / Couples Therapy/ Family Therapy/ Anxiety & Anger Management Therapy